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Transformation: What is it?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

When someone says the word ‘Transformation’, what does it mean to you?

Did you just picture one of those tv shows where people have their homes fully renovated? The one where the homeowners get whisked away to somewhere fabulous while their home undergoes a full metamorphosis. You know the ones, right? And do you notice the recipient’s faces and feel their incredible joy at knowing that their lives just got a whole lot easier with the help they just received? It’s awesome that we get to see the process from the planning stage all the way through to the end result. That is one form of transformation or metamorphosis and it simply starts with someone asking for help, surrendering it and being open to receive in whatever way it comes.

Another form of transformation is not unlike a butterfly, it’s just a little more personal to all of us as it is within our selves. The lifecycle of the butterfly starts life as an egg then grows into a caterpillar then it hides in its cocoon for a little while before shedding that layer and breaking free into this creature of amazing beauty and freedom. It goes through a process of metamorphosis.

So considering this process and putting it in human terms, at conception, we start as an egg then we grow and are birthed where we come into the world as a little being that is worthy and unconditionally loved because they don’t know any different. We more through our life doing our thing based on what we know, just like a caterpillar, and we encounter people, places, experiences, and things in our life that shape our existence as we know it. Some are positive experiences, some not so much. We just keep going. Sometimes we notice things in others that really trigger us and sometimes it really grinds our gears. Then we either stop dealing with them, sweep it under the carpet or face the situation which sometimes leads to altercations.

Here’s the thing though, it’s not actually about them. They are just putting it into your awareness because if you see it in others, it is within you. This is where you get to make a choice. You can just be the caterpillar and just keep cruising, or since we are on this earthly plane to learn and grow, you can transform it and take its power away. You always have free will, so it is a choice.

So, considering the butterfly’s lifecycle again, we will go into our shell (cocoon), generally because we have repeating patterns or events that come up and we’ve put ourselves in time out until we can play nicely with others, or; we are choosing to look at the triggers and do the healing work … either way, once we decide it’s safe, we re-emerge and move on with life. We either remain a caterpillar or we become a butterfly and again, it all comes down to choice.

The Cambridge Dictionary states that the meaning of Transformation is ‘A complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone especially so that the thing or person is improved’. Keeping in mind that we are spirits having a human experience, what if it is really is as easy as saying hello to it and accepting who you are so the transformation or metamorphosis can occur.

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