About Me

As a natural Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Teacher, it is my passion to support people in a safe and loving way to transform their lives.  

Some near death experiences early in life as well as being able to feel and see Spirit left me feeling scared and uncertain about what was happening, so I blocked my connection to Spirit until my late 20's when I began to get curious about the afterlife.  I always knew there was something more than this physical world and that there was someone out there watching over me.

I was told quite a lot throughout my childhood and teenage years that I was too emotional and too sensitive, so my pattern was to just throw myself into work and life and just get on with it. As a result of dealing with trauma and a lot of judgement and criticism, my confidence took a massive knock and I didn't have a great sense of self-worth which played out through becoming a workaholic, overthinking and anxiety.

My first pregnancy had me connecting more with who I am as a woman and who I wanted to be as a wife, partner, mother, daughter, sister and friend.  This was where my own journey of transformation and healing really began and I started to want to live a more conscious life, thinking about the values, beliefs, experiences and how I wanted to feel in my life.

After chatting to a friend, I was invited to a participate in a group where students were practising Reiki.  When I walked in, I had no clue about what Reiki was other than it was a form of energy used for healing, so I decided to keep an open mind and see what happened.  I did not know what I needed, or what answers would help, but I knew I needed something.

The experience fascinated me, I had to know more about energy, spirit, and the universe and to understand logically how it fit in with my knowledge from working in pathology at the time and needed to be able to ground it into the real world.  So this is where my personal and spiritual development journey started to unfold.  

As a bit of a sceptic, the doorway to the Spiritual world and mediumship opened for me when I was in my late 30's after going to a psychic medium for a reading where my mind was blown as I experienced my first connection to a passed over loved one.  During the reading he also told me I was an energy healer and psychic medium, this information profoundly changed my life in the most amazing ways possible as it meant that I could no longer hide from who I was and what it is I am meant to be doing in this world.  


During a cemetery tour I was attending with a psychic medium I was encouraged, after some coercion and instruction, to do my first mediumship reading where I was able to bring through very specific and accurate information about the person who had passed over.  This is where my curiosity about the Spirit world began and I officially stepped onto my path by attending a workshop with another psychic medium, spiritual teacher and mentor.  During this workshop, I was able to learn how energy impacts me as an empath, ways to connect and communicate with my Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed over as well as deliver evidence that the soul continues after we leave this world.

I have been blessed to work with many incredible mediums, teachers, healers and mentors as I developed my Psychic and Mediumship abilities including some of the world leaders in spiritual sciences at Arthur Findlay College in the UK.  I believe that it is important to continue working on myself and developing my skills and abilities as a Medium as I walk this path to support others in connecting with their loved ones who have passed and to transform their lives.

My Training

  • Diploma of Meditation Teaching (Centre of Excellence) Sept 2020

  • The Power and Emotion (Arthur Findlay College – Paul Jacobs) 2020

  • Shamanic Study (Arthur Findlay College – Maureen Murnan) 2020

  • Thrive Sister, Thrive (Karen Achilles) 2020

  • Basics of Working with Energy (Leanne, The Barefoot Medium) May 2016

  • Mediumship Development  (Leanne, The Barefoot Medium) Oct 2016

  • Psychic Development (Leanne, The Barefoot Medium) Aug 2016

  • Rapid Induction Hypnosis (Career Accelerators – Tracie Wolter) 2016

  • Mediumship, Meeting the Needs of Today (Arthur Findlay College – Chris Drew) 2014

  • Diploma of Regression Therapy (Career Accelerators – Gwendolyn Ford) 2014

  • Journey with the Tarot (Leanne, The Barefoot Medium) 2013

  • Certificate 4 in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Career Accelerators – Gwendolyn Ford) 2014

  • NLP, Timeline Therapy & Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training (Tad James Company) 2007

  • Reiki 1 & 2 (Satya Reiki Communion) 2005 & 2006