Psychic Mediumship Readings

During a Psychic Mediumship Reading, Belinda will connect with your Guides and loved ones who have passed over to provide you with clarity, perspective and direction about situations, relationships and experiences in your life as well as information to let you know your loved ones are still walking by your side.  Throughout the reading she may communicate with your loved ones who have passed, receiving details and evidence to confirm who it is she is connecting with, bring through their messages of love, peace, support and healing.  Belinda will also provide guidance, clarity and answers to questions about where you are now and any challenges, hurdles and blocks you may be experiencing around love and relationships, business and career, family, finances, health or your spiritual development. Throughout your reading you will be also be supported to make choices and decisions as well as given practical strategies to help you move towards your best life​ in loving and authentic ways. 


Note:  Please remain open to who may step forward for you during your reading rather than needing a specific person or people to connect and communicate as this will help the session to flow more easily. 


All readings are available LIVE online via Zoom video conferencing or via Phone for either 30 minutes or 1 hour to connect you with your passed over loved ones as well as provide guidance for your everyday life:

  • 30 minutes $90

  • 1 hour $120

Once your booking has been made, you will receive a further confirmation email together with details of about how to access your online or phone reading session.