Terms & Conditions


Insights into various areas of your life provided during a reading, circle or course are offered using intuitive, psychic and mediumistic awareness and are for guidance purposes only.  What you decide to do (or not do) with the information provided, including any actions (or non-action) you take, is your own personal responsibility and choice.  All readings, circles or courses as well as questions answered are at no time to be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgement.  For legal reasons you are advised that all readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not to be used as a substitute for professional services, you are advised to seek appropriate advice from the relevant qualified expert(s). By continuing to browse this site and/or make a booking for a readings, circles or courses offered by Belinda or Sacred Transformations you acknowledge you have read, understand and agree to the full terms and conditions as outlined below.

Terms & Conditions

The content of the pages contained on this website are for your general information and use only and are subject to change without notice. Neither Belinda of Sacred Transformations nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered on this website for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.


Belinda and Sacred Transformations has no responsibility for actions of third parties or for content provided or posted by others. Your use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk, for which Belinda and Sacred Transformations shall not be liable.  It shall be your own responsibility to ensure any products, services or information available through this website meets your specific requirements.


From time to time, for your convenience and to provide further information, this website may also include links to other websites. They do not signify that Belinda or Sacred Transformations endorses the website/s and is not responsible for the content of the linked website/s. You may not create a link to this website from another website or document without prior written consent.


This website comes "As is" and "As Available" without recourse. No liability is accepted for any and all actions you as the client/customer/student take on advice/insight Belinda of Sacred Transformations gives on this site or during a reading, circle or course as it is only seen as guidance NOT to be taken as professional, medical, psychiatric or other advice other than that is stipulated in these terms and conditions.


You understand that it is up to you, the client/student, to make decisions in your own life, and in no way do you hold Belinda or Sacred Transformations responsible or liable for anything you might do with the information given during a reading, coaching program, course, event, webinar or retreat.  You will wisely use your own judgement with the information, insights, guidance provided during a reading, circle or course.  You understand that readings are for entertainment purposes only.


You understand that the readings, circles or courses provided are NOT a substitute for proper medical or psychological care.  Belinda and Sacred Transformations does not treat, diagnose, or prescribe anything for physical or psychological illnesses or disorders. It is recommended you seek a medical professional for any physical ailment you might have or a mental health professional for mental illness.


You understand any readings, circles or courses offered are seen as Complementary Therapies aimed to support and enhance the quality of life of a person through improving their well-being. They do not aim to cure the person's illness, but rather are used to complement mainstream treatment or care.


Insights provided by Belinda of Sacred Transformations during readings, circles or courses are offered through the use of intuitive, psychic and mediumistic awareness. All claims, declarations and statements made in regards to all of the content is NOT guaranteed. Your own common sense must always prevail Belinda of Sacred Transformations or her associates are not liable for any actions or decisions you may make in regards to information provided during a reading, circle or course you attend. Your continuing to use this website and/or book of a reading, circle or course with Belinda of Sacred Transformations is confirmation you understand and accept these terms and conditions and will act accordingly without recourse.

Code of Ethics

Confidentiality & Privacy: 

Any reading, circle or course is conducted with your privacy and confidentiality in mind and information, guidance and insights shared will not be revealed without your prior written approval, except in the event of a life-threatening situation.  You agree to notify Belinda of Sacred Transformations immediately if you become aware of any unauthorised use of your information or any other breach of your privacy.​


Interpretation & Suggestions: 

Belinda of Sacred Transformations is first and foremost a medium/intuitive/reader/channel and not a fortune teller, therefore, details, information and insights provided about events, situations or relationships in the future are considered possibilities because the future is never etched in stone and a reading can only indicate possible outcomes/opportunities based on the energy at the time of your appointment.  As such, any reading, circle or course is intended to provide you with insights into your current path and offer you objective and unbiased suggestions to help you manifest positive solutions to any challenges, concerns or issues you may be experiencing so you can make decisions and choices to create your own future.  Remember, information provided are considered insights and possibilities only.  To act or not act on them is at your own discretion.  Any decisions you make based on a reading, coaching program, course, event, webinar or retreat is your own responsibility. Readings are for entertainment purposes only.



Belinda of Sacred Transformations reserves the right to refuse to answer any question considered unsuitable or inappropriate or which oversteps professional and personal boundaries. Belinda of Sacred Transformations will, however, discuss any aspect of your reading, circle or course with you to help you phrase any question(s) in a way that will support you in gaining the best results and to serve your highest and best good.

Honesty & Respect: 

All readings, circles or courses conducted by Belinda of Sacred Transformations will be completed and interpreted to the best of her ability with honesty, integrity and respect.  In doing so, Belinda will give honest insights and guidance while maintaining a degree of sensitivity and will not impose information on you that you are not ready for, have clearly indicated you do not wish to know or are not willing to explore or clear.

Compassionate & Non-Judgmental: 

Belinda of Sacred Transformations will give you full attention and listen attentively to what is being said, so as to provide a useful, supportive, compassion and non-judgemental reading, circle or course experience.  You are also asked to ensure you are fully present, listen to the information shared and that you maintain an open heart and mind in order to allow the information to flow fully without judgement.

Empowering & Encouraging: 

Belinda of Sacred Transformations will strive to make your reading, circle or course a blessing that leaves you with a sense of peace, strength, joy and love by finishing on a positive, encouraging note.  All readings, coaching programs, courses, events, webinars or retreats aim to empower you to make your own practical, life-affirming decisions and choices to support you in manifesting positive situations, experiences and relationships in your life.

Responsibility for Decisions: 

Belinda of Sacred Transformations will not tell you what to do, what choices to make or that you should or should not pursue a particular course of action as you have free-will to choose to follow any guidance provided or not whether from a reading, circle or course.  You will be supported and encouraged to make your own healthy choices, to take responsibility for the situations, experiences and relationships you have in your life, your own decisions and actions as well as how to live your life and the direction you choose for your future.  You understand that in no way is Belinda of Sacred Transformations responsible or liable for anything you might do with the information given during readings, circles or courses with all information and guidance provided for the highest good of all concerned, with harm to none.  It is up to you, the client/student, to wisely use your own judgement to make decisions and choices in your own life.  Remember, as the future is never etched in stone, you have the power to change your future.  Readings are for entertainment purposes only.


Medical, legal or financial advice:  

All readings, circles or courses are not meant to replace or substitute proper medical, psychological care or professional advice from other relevant practitioners. Belinda of Sacred Transformations is not qualified to treat, diagnose, or prescribe anything for physical or psychological illnesses or disorders or conduct sessions in order to provide you with medical, legal or financial advice.  If you have a medical, health or psychological ailment you are advised to seek a medical or mental health professional for the appropriate professional care.  All readings, circles or courses are seen as Complementary therapies which do not aim to cure illness but rather to support, enhance and complement mainstream treatment or care.


Readings for Children & Other People: 

Belinda of Sacred Transformations will not conduct a reading without someone's express conscious verbal permission and as such will not provide guidance, insight or information about what someone other than you is doing or feeling as this is a violation of their privacy and free-will.  Belinda of Sacred Transformations will not conduct a reading for anyone under 18 years of age without a parent or guardians conscious verbal or written permission.


Frequency of Readings:  

Belinda of Sacred Transformations will generally not do a reading for you more than once per three months (at most), especially on the same subject, as this may mean you become overly dependent upon this service and avoid making decisions and choices on your own, or taking responsibility, or may not have listened to or taken action on the guidance and advice given in previous readings. Belinda of Sacred Transformations will also not pressure you to return for further readings or other services.


Belinda of Sacred Transformations will not refer you to another professional reader, healer practitioner, teacher or coach in anticipation of acquiring kickbacks or other compensation.  Where affiliate programs are in place, this will be expressly stated and clearly outlined on this website and in other relevant documentation and correspondence.

Bookings, Rescheduling & Cancellations:  

  • All readings must be booked and paid at least 48 hours to your scheduled appointment time in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined.  Where you need to reschedule a reading, please ensure you provide at least 48 hours notice so your appointment space can be given to someone else, otherwise, a re-booking fee of $45 will be charged.  If you reschedule or cancel your reading with less than 48 hours notice, no refund will be offered and a re-booking fee of $45 will be charged at your next appointment.  If you do not answer or are a "no show" for a reading your appointment will be cancelled with no refund issued.

  • Where you enrol in an in-person or online course with Belinda of Sacred Transformations, your enrolment is final.  If you are unable to complete a course within the stated start and completion dates, as outlined at the time of booking, you will forfeit your place in the course and no refunds, transfers or deferrals will be offered.  If there are exceptional circumstances, please contact Belinda of Sacred Transformations to discuss and all reasonable opportunities will be provided, which fit within the normal operation of the business, to support you in completing your course . No refunds, transfers or deferrals of any courses or classes are offered and they must be completed as purchased and specified.


Refusal & Termination of Services: 

Belinda of Sacred Transformations reserves the right to refuse a booking from any client/student or to terminate a reading, circle or course at any time where personal and/or professional boundaries have been violated and where a shift and change after communication is not evident.  In the event that a booking is refused and no time, energy or information has been exchanged, a full refund will be issued.  In the event of a reading, circle or course is terminated after commencement, no refund will be issued.



All prices are as outlined and are subject to change without notice.  All fees and terms of trade will be clearly stated and agreed to prior to a reading, circle or course.  No additional charges will be added or suggested unless specifically stated. Belinda of Sacred Transformations maintains and reserves the right to make changes to prices, supply costs, labour increases or misprints.

Refund Policy:  

As a general rule, refunds are not offered on readings, circles or courses unless otherwise stipulated.  The following terms and conditions will be strictly adhered to with no further discussions entered into:

  • Belinda of Sacred Transformations prides herself on the quality of readings provided.  If you are not satisfied with your reading, within the first 5 minutes of engaging in this services, it is your responsibility as the client to advise Belinda of your concerns and/or to request clarification at this time.  Belinda of Sacred Transformations will provide you with further clarification where possible.

  • No refunds are not offered under any circumstances on in-person or online courses.  If you are not able to successfully demonstrate competency for a particular topic/module (as outlined on the website) and are not permitted to continue to the next topic/module you will not be offered a refund but will be given the opportunity to address any issues identified or repeat the topic/module, undertake additional training and/or individual appointment before a second attempt will be considered.  In this instance, no refund will be issued for the unused portion of the course.


Any communication through e-mail, facebook messenger, newsletter etc between Belinda of Sacred Transformations and current or prospective clients/students will NOT be considered a legal or binding contract but is information for your decision in purchasing services, courses or products only.  Belinda of Sacred Transformations has the right to refuse and immediately stop all communication, whether through email, phone, facebook messenger, newsletter etc or other forum, which is perceived as aggressive, bullying, disrespectful, rude and inappropriate or oversteps other personal and professional boundaries.


Any information given on the healing properties of products available is not intended to act as a substitute for traditional professional medical treatment, nor can it be used for diagnosis.