Psychic Readings

During an Psychic Reading, Belinda will connect with your aura and Guides and provide you with clarity, perspective and direction about situations, relationships and experiences in your life.  She will intuitively connect in to provide a clear perspective about where you are now and any challenges, hurdles and blocks you may be experiencing whether around  love and relationships, business and career, family, finances, health or your spiritual development.  Belinda will also provide you with practical strategies to help you move past any roadblocks so you feel a sense of ease, confidence and hope as you move towards what you do want to experience in your life.  She may be guided to work with a variety of divination tools during these readings, tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, automatic writing, psychometry or remote viewing to provide you with the insights and guidance you need at this time.


All readings are available LIVE online via Zoom video conferencing or via Phone for either 30 minutes or 1 hour to support you with answers to your questions and concerns, help with choices and decision making as well as strategies to move towards your best life​ in loving and authentic ways:

  • 30 minutes $90

  • 1 hour $120

Once your booking has been made, you will receive a further confirmation email together with details of about how to access your online or phone reading session.

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