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Speaking Your Truth

As you step onto the Pathway to Your Authentic Self, you may become aware of situations where you either need to, or feel obliged to speak your truth. As we move through our life, we each have experiences that shape us our life and define us as a person. At times, some of the situations we find ourselves in can empower us to stand tall in our divine power and speak our truth or cause us to feel really weak, vulnerable and we crumble under pressure whether that is through fear, hurt or shame, or from a feeling of hopelessness. We can also put so much pressure on ourselves as a result of expectation or anticipated outcomes that we become so paralysed by overthinking, that we literally cannot speak.

It is important to recognise when you find yourself in a situation or in a pattern of behaviour where you feel unable to stand up for yourself and speak your truth. Over time, this can affect not only your self-worth and self-esteem, but it can also affect situations and relationships in your life on every level, whether with work, friends, family or a significant other. Sometimes you may be unable to speak your truth because you feel it is easier to either keep the peace or you are too afraid of what others may think. Conditioning in childhood can also create patterns of dysfunction if you were told things like ‘children should be seen and not heard’. The inability to speak your truth can also be confidence related where you just feel so insecure and disconnected from your authentic self that you feel there is no point speaking up because what you have to say is not of value. Over time, this manifests into sadness, frustration, a lack of trust in yourself to make sound decisions, you feel like you are not heard, you become avoidant and quite numb and self-critical. Your self-talk has sentences starting with ‘I don’t know how to’ or ‘I can’t’ as you judge, dissect and criticise everything you say, feel, hear and know.

If you find yourself in this space, your defences can often be quite low leaving you open and vulnerable to inviting potentially toxic and dysfunctional situations or people to enter your world, which inevitably will leave you feeling more insecure and out of alignment than before and your own needs, wants and desires become so irrelevant to you that you feel quite worthless. Being in a situation where you are feeling not heard, unsafe or fearful of standing up for yourself and speaking your truth, is your red flag and you should really consider paying immediate attention to it and what is going on inside of you because your soul is telling you it is time for change. Your inner child has a voice, and it is wanting to come out and be heard and you are being made consciously aware of it.

Ask yourself if it is time to draw a line in the sand and make some different choices that are perhaps healthier and more loving towards yourself without judgement and without dissecting it. You are worthy and you deserve to feel safe, loved, protected, and heard always. Sometimes it is easier to focus on helping others in order to deflect what we have going on ourselves but sometimes, just giving ourselves that little bit of attention and love instead, can help flick a switch within you which can turn your inner light on that will shine so bright and in a way that is peaceful, sincere, connected and loving for your own soul, that you will wonder why you didn’t stand up and speak your truth sooner. Doing the inner work, getting a little uncomfortable in order to embrace vulnerability and letting go of concerns about being judged, as well as deciding on what support you need in order to move forward authentically will all help you move closer to being able to speak your truth without fear. Those who truly matter in your world and who love and support you unconditionally will be so proud of you for taking the steps towards standing in your power and speaking your truth and you will feel such a sense of peace, calm and empowerment on the other side which will invite in healthier, happier interactions in your everyday life.


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