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Letting Go of Struggle

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Ask yourself if you are struggling or whether you are tired.... really really tired mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually... or perhaps, if you are honest, you might be feeling it in multiple ways or even in every way.

What I know from experience is that it gets absolutely exhausting holding on to beliefs, patterns, behaviours, people, and situations when they are not yours or do not resonate with you anymore. Often, we do this because it is all we know. We literally don’t know any different and it can wear you down and put you in a state of constant struggle and lack or perhaps you know it as fight, flight, or freeze.... when this happens, it is like you are in a loop or you are the hamster on a wheel that just keeps going around and around and around. When things are repeating for you, it’s normal because you are not learning what is there for you to understand.

We are all here to experience life. We came here to learn and grow, not stay still. We are not trees stuck in one spot. The experiences we have in life, the a-ha moments, the lightbulbs going off.... pay close attention to them. They are how we learn. We make mistakes too and that is okay because it is how we learn.

If you are not where you should be, that’s okay. Just acknowledge it and acknowledge where you are at. Then just let go of the steering wheel a little and buckle up so you can go with the flow. Picture yourself in a canoe on a river. Is the river flowing fast, slow or at a comfortable pace? Are you going against the flow and paddling like crazy? Or are you going in the direction of the current, noticing the beauty around you because you can since you are just going with the flow and trusting that you will be ok? Which one would you rather be doing?

When we talk about struggle, you must also look at trust, which can be a tough one for some based on past experiences. Here is the thing though, you cannot change the past, it has already happened. You can, however, stay in the present moment and work through what has happened in the past so that it does not have such an impact on your now. I wonder what it would feel like to just surrender the struggle with your past. And I wonder what it would feel like to feel safe, respected and loved.

Why not start that now and give to yourself by just stopping right now, taking a really deep breathe and making a choice to want better for yourself, setting an intention to let go of struggle and actually stop and rest. This lets you take stock of where you are at and make some conscious decisions about what you want for yourself and what that would look, sound and feel like. Those who matter won’t mind and those who mind shouldn’t matter to you. Those who mind are not your people. It’s none of your business what other people think so you just do you. Stay in your own lane and they can stay in theirs.

Surround yourself with people who genuinely love you and want the absolute best for you. Sometimes the most loving and compassionate thing to do is be grateful for where you are at or to completely walk away from the struggle.

So, what if you give yourself the greatest gift possible... make a conscious choice to stop, rest and reset. Let go of struggle. Let go of lack. Let go of the how’s, the why’s, and the ‘stuff’ that has kept you in struggle. Ask for help to get the clarity and perspective in order to make choices based on who you are and what you want for you. And asking for help can just be by talking to your team in spirit and saying ‘I’m tired. Please send me the help I need with ease and grace.’


Share your experiences in the comments as it may help others in their journey.

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