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Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Or is it judgement? However you choose to spell it, judgment is something that we all are guilty of doing at various points in our lives, whether it is judging ourselves, judging others or taking on other people’s judgments and perceptions. Some people are more aware of judgment than others and catch themselves in the act whilst others are completely oblivious, and that’s okay. We are all individual so just be in acceptance and appreciation of our amazing uniqueness.

You know what is an interesting though? If you break judgement down, it needs to be evidence based, otherwise it is just an opinion. Opinions are thoughts based on a person’s perceptions, beliefs, and feelings. Everybody has different life experience and is entitled to have opinions and just because some have stronger opinions than others, or can deliver their opinions more effectively or efficiently, it does not mean they are evidence based, which is where discernment is important.

You can choose to take on other people’s judgements and opinions or you can choose to allow them to bounce off you. You can also choose to give them back if they do not align or resonate with you. You have free will choice in what you allow in your space, whether it is your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual space.

So, let us stop and breathe for a moment. Is there anywhere in your life where you are currently feeling judged?

If so, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do you feel judged?

  • If you had to give it a label, what would it be?

  • Is there something you need to understand or need to know about that situation/place/person?

  • Is there evidence to support this judgment or is it just an opinion?

  • Is it something you need to address with someone, or perhaps work on yourself or do you just need to let it go or send it back?

  • If it is not true, and you know it in your heart and gut, don’t hold on to it any more.

This is where we can get caught in a self-doubt cycle because we have taken on somebody’s opinion when if you break it down, the evidence is not there to support it. If you are in doubt, always just go back to the evidence. Where is the evidence in the statement/thought or situation? Focus on running your own race and staying in your own lane. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.


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