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Inner Child: Having Fun

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

As I sit here today contemplating a blog topic, I’m hearing the neighbourhood kids having an absolute blast on their scooters as they go up and down the footpath out the front of the houses in my street. These kids range between about 4 and 10 years of age and my front yard is just below the starting point for their racetrack due to its mild downhill slope so you can imagine the squeals of delight. How much fun is it to be a kid without a care in the world where everything is about having fun.

Now, my work area is about 3 metres from them, and they are loud, very loud in fact. Normally, although aware of it, I would just tune it out and get on with it. I have teenagers so I’ve had lots of practice. Today however, I’m going to observe it, listen to it, embrace the joy and feel what it would be like to be a kid again and have that much fun with reckless abandonment. And as I’m doing that, I’m trying to remember the last time I actually did that myself because lately, I haven’t had enough fun, and I mean real child-like fun. My inner child must be screaming for attention. We are currently in the midst of a pandemic and it is serious. Our entire way of being has dramatically changed and it sometimes feels like the fun has been sucked out of life with there being so much suffering in the world, all whilst we adjust to a new normal. Here’s the thing, just as we can learn to adjust to a new normal, we can also adjust our ways of having fun.

So, let us take a breath and reflect for a moment and look at the aspect of fun while we ask ourselves some questions and ponder the answers. Let’s start with this…. What is fun? What does fun look like? What does fun feel like? How do you know when you are having fun? Is fun an individual thing or are there others involved? Is fun something simple that gives you a massive grin from ear to ear and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart? Is having a really good belly laugh your version of fun? Is it a feeling of joy and bliss or contentment? Is it doing something totally off the wall, crazy or adventurous? Is it finally sitting down after a long day and eating chocolate from your secret stash after the kids have gone to bed? Is it being surrounded by people you love, whether in person or on a video chat? Or is simply taking time out for peace and solitude your idea of fun? There’s no wrong answer as it is an individual choice. How do YOU know when you are having fun?

We all need to fun in our lives in whatever way works for the individual and it will be different for each and every one of us. Obviously, we need to be mindful of risks and consequences and take responsibility for our choices, so safety is paramount in choosing your version of fun. Whatever your version of fun is, go embrace your inner child, do something that makes your heart sing! Bring the joy in! Even if you are stuck in lockdown, there are ways of bringing fun, joy and laughter if you choose. Get creative!

Give your inner child a really big hug and ask them what they need then pay attention to what you hear, see, feel and know. Raise the vibration individually and it will create a ripple effect collectively!


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