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Challenging Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

As you step onto the Pathway to Your Authentic Self, you may become aware of certain limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour that need shifting and transforming. A limiting belief is defined to be the thoughts and opinions that one believes to be their absolute truth and they are limiting, by definition, because they have the power to negatively impact a person’s life. Beliefs, however, are not something we are born with. They are assumptions that are learned throughout our lives, starting from when we are very young, and these learnings are derived from events and key influences in our lives. For example, a baby is essentially born with a clean slate. They see everything through a lens of innocence, worthiness, and unconditional love because that is quite literally, all they know as they have not had enough exposure to the world to experience anything different.

As children grow, their minds are like sponges, absorbing everything that is seen, heard, and felt, regardless of whether it directly involves them or not, because they have not yet developed skills relating to discernment, logic, or reasoning. Most of what is taken in, including the limiting beliefs of those around them, embeds subconsciously and creates the basis for their map of the world as they know it, which becomes their absolute truth.

These limiting beliefs could be presenting in your life though your thoughts and dialogue, like ‘everything is always my fault’, ‘I can’t’, ‘I don’t know how’, ‘I have to work hard to get anywhere in life’, ‘failure is not an option’, and so on. Over time, left unchallenged, these limiting beliefs continue to manifest at an unconscious level creating patterns of feeling unworthy, not good enough, of failure, and present in a person’s life as fears relating to success, money, of the unknown and so on.

I wonder what could shift and transform if you were to become more aware of and challenge the limiting beliefs you are holding on? Is there a situation or a thought process that you notice is having a negative impact on your life? I invite you to stop for a moment, notice the thought and dialogue you are using and ask yourself if the particular belief created is based on the absolute truth for you right now, or could it be an old or outdated belief, or could it even be somebody else’s version of the truth and does that truth still align for you? Is it time to shift and transform that belief into one that is more aligned with what is true for you in the current moment? It could be as easy as flipping the script and starting sentences with I can, I will or I am. It is amazing how much clarity that process can bring because it changes perspectives and can transform the way you make decisions in your life moving forward as you are more able to let go of what no longer serves, shifting sabotage patterns and is an important step on your Pathway to Your Authentic Self. Making a choice to accept a way of being that is in alignment for you will feel uplifting and empowering which will create a ripple effect in and around you.


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