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Blocking out the Noise

As you step onto the Pathway to Your Authentic Self, you may become more present to and aware of the noise that is all around you. The noise you hear could come from other people in your world, technology or social media or work, and it can also be the noise you hear within you, whether that be from your intuition or coming from the spirit world. The noise can potentially become quite distracting if you allow it, or perhaps it could be showing up at a particular time to help you learn and grow. As you begin to understand its origin and really listen to it, you can use it to your advantage as it could be showing up in order to help you see what is truly important for you on a soul level or it could be showing you what is a distraction and therefore moving you further away from what you soul needs to see, hear, or experience.

Blocking out the noise is a skill that we learn at a young age. Children, for example, are very good at blocking out noise going on around them. If you have ever observed a child playing with something they are fully engrossed and invested in then you call them for something and they do not hear you, they have blocked out the noise in a way that works for them at that point in time. Children also have such an innocent mind; they are more connected to the spirit world so sometimes the noise they experience is chatter from their loved ones though most people know them more as their imaginary friends. As we age and move through our journey in this lifetime, the noise that presents as distraction in our world can get quite loud and left unmanaged, becomes the basis of our thoughts which can, in some cases, cause us to have experiences that involving extra stress, struggle or sabotage. From a cognitive perspective, the more you think about something, the more you manifest it because you are strengthening those connections in your brain, which is where the phrase, ‘your thoughts create your reality’ comes from. So, if you focus on the noise, you will hear more noise which in turn will potentially create a higher level of stress. By becoming present to the origin of the noise and thereby changing your focus to noticing when there is noise that isn’t helpful to you and your journey, you can make new decisions and more healthier choices around what noise you allow into your world. One way of doing that is by slowing down and taking a few moments for yourself, whether that is to take a time out from whatever you are currently doing, going for a walk to clear your head or perhaps you could do some deep breathing exercises or maybe try the meditation exercise below.

All you have to do is simply stare at a spot on the wall straight ahead of you then lower your gaze slightly. Take 10 slow deep breaths as you really focus on feeling the air filling up your stomach, like a balloon inflating and deflating with each slow deep deliberate breath. If you would like an extra boost, repeat the word ‘relax’ to yourself as you really focus on your breathing. Pay extra attention to the gaps in between your inward and outward breaths. Then as you feel your breathing return to a comfortable rhythm, become aware of your feet and where they are placed, your body and where it sits or is laying as you feel a wave of relaxation flowing through your body from the tip of your toes to the top of your head then from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Feeling more and more relaxed already as sense the beating of your heart. As you do that, notice the steadiness and stillness in your body’s rhythm while you keep staring at that spot. Keep doing it for as long as you feel guided and when you are ready to face the world again, just wiggle your toes and fingers and bring yourself back into the room. This is a process you can do no matter where you are and with practice and consistency, it will enable you to block out the noise in and around you so much quicker to give peace, calm and clarity within your inner world which will enable you to face the outer world with more ease and grace.


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