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with Belinda Psychic Medium, Transformational Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Welcome to Sacred Transformations

Hi I am Belinda. I am a Psychic Medium, Transformational Healer and Spiritual Teacher who connects with your Guides and loved ones passed over to let you know they are still walking by your side.  As a Transformational Healer, I am able to support you in shifting beliefs, patterns, emotions and behaviours so you get lightbulb moments of clarity to heal your past, change your present and create your future.  I also love holding space for people to learn and grow personally and spiritually and step into being the best version of themselves.




Belinda is available for 3 or 5 card Tarot and Oracle Readings which provide you with clarity and guidance about situations, relationships and experiences in your life.  

Tarot& Oracle Readings


Belinda provides Psychic Reading where she will connect with your aura and Guides to provide you with clarity, perspective and direction whether around  love and relationships, business and career, family, finances, health or your spiritual development. 

Psychic Readings


Belinda offers Mediumship Readings where she will connect with your Guides and loved ones who have passed over and provide you with evidence and information to let you know that they are still walking by your side. 

Mediumship Readings

Development Opportunities


Sacred Transformations Development Circle


Belinda offers weekly Development Circles to support you in connecting with your authentic self, letting go of beliefs, patterns and fears, connecting with your intuition and Spirit.

Journey through the Tarot Course


Join Belinda for a Journey Through the Tarot course and learn to read the tarot intuitively to receive guidance, information and insight to support you in your everyday life and with your personal and spiritual development.  

Basics of Working with Spirit

This Basics of Working with Spirit course is for those of you interested in learning about energy and how to create strong foundations on which to develop your intuition, psychic and mediumship abilities.



Always guided to the right place at the right time and today was no exception. Loved, Loved, loved my time shared with Belinda today and Thank You. From the first sentence the emotions I had been feeling were spot on.

Bel Hanley

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Belinda is available for readings with clients from all over the world via email, phone or online appointments.   Bookings can be made online, however, if you have any questions or would like further information, please get in touch today!

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